Modern Slavery

Frederick Douglass’s life as a slave was completely different than the modern day slaves in some ways but very similar in others. The slaves of today are not tied to a tree and whipped until their back has lashes that raise the skin half an inch, but they are abused. The abuse I am talking about is not beatings but it is sexually. Boys as young as 10 years old are taken from their families and forced to dance at parties in Afghanistan, it is a practice called Bachabaze these boys do this because it is illegal for women to do so… How can people let young children dance at parties and nothing is done to the people forcing them to do so, but when a woman dances it is illegal. Omid, a young boy told reporters he “is paid about $2 for the night,” but it doesn’t stop with just the dancing. The men often take the young boys back to hotels and the boys are sexually abused. In “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” he recalls that women were bought and they were sexually abused only because when they gave birth to the child, the child was born as the masters slave, not treated as his son, but as his slave. Sexual abuse happened then and is still happening now to slaves, just with different motives.

Ima Matul lived in Indonesia and was a housekeeper there to earn money for her family. She was given a job offer in the U.S. where she could earn some money and would get one day off each week. When she finally got here she was not given any pay at all and had to work seven days a week. She didn’t know any English so she couldn’t ask anyone for help and was scared to go to authorities because she wasn’t allowed to be in the U.S. legally. She ended up learning a few words and wrote a small note to the neighbors who ended up helping her to escape. When Ima tried to present a case to get her captors prosecuted it was too difficult to prove so nothing happened to them. Frederick Douglass went through something similar when he was beaten and hurt by the men he was working with. It is much more extreme when talking about his situation because

“if (he) had been killed in the presence of a thousand colored people, their testimony combined would be insufficient to have arrested one of the murderers.”

ima matul

Modern slavery is real. People all over the world are taken from their homes and forced to do things for no money and barely the necessities to survive daily life. Frederick Douglass wrote his life story to let people know that what he had to endure was not easy and definitely not humane. We cannot let modern day slavery continue any longer, not any type at all. End this atrocity now.



This week at school I started noticing people’s faces and  reactions when different situations presented themselves. I have a lot of different faces and do different things when just about anything happens but I noticed I wasn’t the only one who did this. I saw people open their mouths when something surprising came about again and again and again. I also saw people do things with their hands like touching their faces or their hair, they also clenched fists or held things tightly. While most people have a “normal” reaction to events that happen in class some kids have no reaction at all and some react in the opposite way. It worries me to see how the kids act when something bad happens but they don’t get nervous or feel sorry but they look like they wanted these things to happen. These are what make the world so fun though, the people who go against the grain, not in a worrisome way but they stay strong or laugh it off. These are the people who are fun to be around and make you feel comfortable. People who react to how other kids react are the ones who are not fun to be friends with. To be friends with these people means that you will never have any fun with new experiences because they want to please you. Pleasing you is what makes them happy and there are some people who like to be praised and looked up to for the little things but I rather be friends with someone that keeps you guessing and makes you have fun.There is so much you can pick up from looking at the different reactions reactions reactions.shocked woman


High School P.E.

High School P.E. is the most hated class students take, not because the teachers are bad, but because kids that don’t want to play sports are being pushed to do physical activity that isn’t enjoyable for them. P.E. classes in highschool should be weightlifting classes or cardio, not playing catch with a football. Kids are in P.E. because the government requires a certain amount of hours for physical activity, but if that is the case then they should do things that will get them more fit. Walking around the track and doing sit-ups are not going to stop obesity. Learning about healthy foods in your cardio class could help stop obesity though, so why are we not doing it? Obesity rates in the U.S. are just going up so I guess playing for 60 minutes a day isn’t actually doing anything. Promoting physical health with a mixture of diet and exercise is what P.E. classes should be doing. Obesity is not a joke, many different diseases and injuries occur from obesity, and they could be avoided if good habits are developed in high school, but they aren’t. Kids who are not self motivated need something during school to keep them in good shape to ensure their safety when they get older. When the government realizes that the P.E. laws they have set are not helping to keep kids active then all the other changes can occur but until then, don’t hate your P.E. teacher because they are making you run, be mad at the government for not having better classes and the option to take them. 



Adults, particularly coaches, don’t realize that a student athlete’s day is very hard and stressful. Just because we are not earning money and paying bills does not mean that we are not allowed to get overwhelmed sometimes. Taking a day off just to relax can work wonders for you, however if you want to play a sport at the highest level you are not allowed to do this. News flash: Kids get tired and stressed out, sometimes even more than adults. When you are in high school it’s not as easy as going to school, then to practice, then doing your homework. Making relationships and developing the skills to make relationships are what high school is all about. Movies don’t portray any of the reality of what happens in high school but that is what most people envision it as. Kids want to fit in and be liked, but it’s not easy to do so, it takes time and effort. Parents and coaches don’t understand all that goes on during the day and on social media, but having a conversation about it with them will get you nowhere, so that’s why we don’t open up. Kids have stress and if our overseers saw this and helped us with it, maybe we could relax just a little. Take this into consideration next time you see your players or your kids and try to make their day just a little easier by being understanding. And coaches, if your players like you they will want to win and give it their all to please you.


New music

Different types of music put us in different moods and mindsets but why? Is the tune of the song or is it the words? I like a lot of different genres of music probably because I have hung out with a diverse range of people. There are times when I listen to rap and times I listen to rock and both usually make me a little bit happier in that moment but they do it in different ways. Maybe music does this because it subconsciously makes us remember times we had while listening to it. People who listen to music more often than people that don’t seem happier and more joyous. The tune of the song must be the main thing that can change your mood because poems don’t make you feel the same happiness that music does and songs are basically poems with a certain tune. Some genres of music are getting worse though, like most rock has gone down hill and the artists aren’t as good as before. Maybe the new artists should listen to some older music while they are writing their songs and do what most people do and just remix older music. We need new music but the old sound that sixties and seventies bands had was so much better than what is being produced now. The lyrics need to be different but the style should stay the same. Music is such a huge part in most people’s lives and it would be terrible if no new bands could produce as well as old bands could. 

Homework is Terrible

You are always told when you’re little to do the work before you play. This philosophy should carry on with you your whole life because it will help you be successful. When you go to school however, you do work all day and then when you get home your brain is so tired from working hard that the last thing you want to think about is school. However, that’s the only thing you end up thinking about. Teachers don’t understand how much homework we get in a night. Every teacher thinks that they can give us about 30-45 minutes worth per night but when you add it all up we have no time to do anything for ourselves. We shouldn’t only be getting educated from school, we should learn about other people and how to interact and do what we want. You can have the sweetest teacher ever but still hate him or her strictly based on the amount of work they give you when you are supposed to have free time. I understand that it is necessary to do some things on your own but students would enjoy school and life so much better if teachers just worked on giving less homework. I love going to class knowing that I won’t have to spend an hour more on the subject when I get home. If students really want to learn more about something they will do it on their own. Being forced to do something and then having your future depend on it is not a good combination unless you want to stress someone out until they just don’t want to do anything and stop caring. Kids hate homework, not school.

Portrait of a cute little boy sitting in library before books. Isolated over white background.

Portrait of a cute little boy sitting in library before books. Isolated over white background.